MedSign: Your overall health at your fingertips

MedSign is a healthtech startup working in the field of digitalisation of overall health records and continuity of care. It was founded in 2018 by healthcare experts Kamlesh Patel, Shrihari Shidhaye and Vivan Daarole. The MedSign platform aims to boost patient outcomes by addressing two missing pieces of the healthcare ecosystem, that is, enhancing accessibility of actual-time, extensive, transferrable and transparent patient overall health records at the point-of-care and enhancing continuity of care.

Recently, this Bengaluru-based venture announced that it has raised an undisclosed quantity as seed fund from SMSRC, a top strategic advisor and investigation catering to the pharmaceutical market in India and Bangladesh, as a element of its strategic collaboration. Shidhaye, founder-director of MedSign, stated, “As we embark on our next level of growth, this seed funding from SMSRC will help us strengthen our offerings to the market and thereby enhance patient care by digitising patient’s health journey to create a comprehensive digital medical database, that is secure, easily accessible and real-time for clinicians and patients.”

Daarole, founder-director of MedSign remarked, “Last decade saw a flurry of healthcare startups trying to address ‘healthcare access and affordability’ but accessibility to real-time, comprehensive patient health records at the point-of-care and continuity of patient care yet remained unaddressed, having adverse impact on quality and cost of care. MedSign is a digital ecosystem that aims to improve health outcomes via enhanced patient careby improving health data accessibility and continuity of care.”

The MedSign platform presents 3 item suites, MedSign Pro, MedSign Care and MedSign Connect. MedSign Pro is a extensive but uncomplicated EMR based clinic management computer software/application that assists doctors’ access patients’ overall health history simply, create prescriptions in handful of clicks and track overall health parameters on an ongoing basis to provide personalised care. The second item, MedSign Care, is an interface for patients, enabling them to upload, view and share overall health records, book appointment for in-clinic or tele-consultations and track overall health parameters on a frequent basis.
Lastly, MedSign Connect democratises the patient overall health records and tends to make it simply readily available for clinicians actual-time at the point of care, securely, enabling a multi-disciplinary therapy strategy.

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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz