Mad Curve provides big tools for any size company

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Making mobile games is a tricky business, especially if you’re a smaller developer. The big game companies take on risk, but they have the tools and staff to handle it. Mad Curve is attempting to fill this niche for developers of any size.

Mad Curve is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that tracks app data to create helpful analytics without requiring an SDK. Using multiple data sources, the service generates reports on revenue predictions as well as calculates product and marketing metrics. Your reports update automatically as new data comes in and are available to check any time. For more sensitive information, users can have different security credentials for different levels of access.

Nikita Okan, CEO & co-founder of Mad Curve.

“I’ve worked with dozens of gaming companies during my career,” said Nikita Okan, CEO and cofounder of Mad Curve, in a press release. “I have helped them grow from a startup to a large enterprise with hundreds of employees and millions of dollars in annual revenue. Often, growth is hindered by insufficient data analysis and complications predicting growth. I understand the pains of growing companies, and our platform will help resolve these issues. “

“We are pleased to work with The Games Fund, and I am confident we have chosen the perfect partner for our company,” continued Okan. “The TGF team has a deep understanding of the market and the technology, with our practical experience in growing gaming companies and extensive connections in the video game industry worldwide.”

Mad Curve raised $1.15 million for their new platform from venture capital firm The Games Fund. The twelve-person team plans to expand its workforce with the funds.

Maria Kochmola, Managing Partner & co-founder of The Games Fund.

“Game and app developers use a variety of tracking tools to analyze marketing sources, cohort ROAS estimates, budget planning, and KPIs,” said Maria Kochmola, managing partner & co-founder of The Games Fund. “Virtually all developers face the challenge of analyzing heterogeneous data. Difficulties in grasping the overall state of business and the need to manually consolidate multiple reports in spreadsheets can cause a lot of inconveniences and lead to wasted time and analytical errors that hamper accurate decision-making.”

“Mad Curve addresses this problem and is amazingly useful for business,” continued Kochmola. “We are confident that it will become a popular tool for developers, and we are excited to support the team on their journey ahead.”

For those interested in testing out the Mad Curve platform, you can apply for beta access on their website.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz