Macy’s auctioning Thanksgiving Day Parade NFTs, including a creepy elf

Macy’s department stores might be closed this Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean the company has run out of things to sell. The retailer is auctioning off 10 one-of-a-kind NFTs to mark the 95th year of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Each NFT references a parade balloon from decades past, going back to a black and white toy soldier from the 1920s. Also featured is an elf character from the 2000s and a spaceman from the 1950s, who lost an arm in the 1955 parade after colliding with a lamppost (the NFT version is fully inflated). Proceeds from the auction benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation, with current bids generating tens of thousands of dollars. The auction ends on November 30th.

In addition to the 10 unique NFTs, Macy’s is giving away 9,500 other parade-themed pieces of varying rarity on a first-come, first-served basis on Thanksgiving Day. Ten percent of any future sales of any of the pieces will also go to Make-A-Wish. Macy’s is using Polygon to mint the NFTs, touted as a more eco-friendly solution.

The retailer joins a long list of companies hedging bets on NFTs, from Taco Bell to Pringles. In the FAQ section below Macy’s announcement, the company says it’s releasing NFTs because “we’re always looking to innovate our classic celebrations.” After posting nearly $4 billion in pandemic losses last year on top of already declining sales, it’s perhaps unsurprising the retailer is looking for new ways to show the brand isn’t a thing of the past.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz