Loud man yells until Bugsnax studio adds trophies to its DLC

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Bugsnax: The Isle of Bigsnax expansion content is launching early next year. Anyone who already owns Bugsnax will get the DLC’s new biome, bugsnax creatures, and quests. But for all the new additions, Bugsnax studio Young Horses wasn’t planning to add new PlayStation trophies to the game — that is until a large, weird man began intimidating the studio.

In response to a tweet detailing new features of The Isle of Bigsnax, Kinda Funny founder and industry loud person Greg Miller asked about trophies. This led to an exchange where Miller, while likely throwing a tantrum, demanded the studio delay the game while he wrote up a list of trophies for the studio to add.

Recognizing an immovable object when they see one, Young Horses quickly relented to Miller’s assault.


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Miller was quick to claim victory in his merciless campaign to never play a game without trophies. And he promised to continue leveraging his sickness to twist the arms of every developer that stands in his way.

This reporter wonders what can be done to contain this gaming menace. Perhaps the Governor of California, President Joe Biden, or PlayStation indie boss Shuhei Yoshida could sit down with the man and give him a stern talking to. Until then, however, expect Miller to continue his crusade for more trophies like some sort of social-media kaiju.

Bugsnax is available on PlayStation and Epic Games Store on PC.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz