LoopMe: 80% of mobile gamers are multitasking while playing

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Mobile advertising firm LoopMe conducted a survey examining the habits of mobile gamers. The study focused on understanding playing habits and how attentive mobile gamers are while in-game.

LoopMe surveyed over 18,000 consumers in the U.S. (6,192), U.K. (5,468) and Singapore (6,680) in October. The full report can be found here.

Popularity and playing habits

Across the three markets, 62% of consumers played mobile games. Women were more likely to play mobile games compared to men across all three markets. Singapore reported the lowest percentage of players at 57%.

LoopMe’s survey shows that mobile game players tend to play frequently. On average, 65% played mobile games at least twice per day. U.K. mobile gamers were most likely to play at least once per day (94%), while Singapore reported the lowest (82%). 35% of U.S. players reported playing more than 5 times a day.


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In addition to these play sessions, mobile gamers also spend a lot of time playing games. On average, 38% of players report playing for 1-2 hours per day. On top on this, another 38% report playing for at least two hours per day. Singaporean players were the least engaged — 29% reported playing for less than an hour per day.

Engagement and focus

All of this data suggests mobile gamers are dedicated players. However, LoopMe’s survey found that mobile gamers are likely multitasking while playing.

LoopMe mobile gaming sparetime

Most mobile gamers are typically playing during their spare time during the week. On average, 57% say this is when they are most likely to play. Notably, Singaporean players are more much more likely to play during their commutes — 2.5 times the rate of U.K. mobile gamers and 3.75 times that of U.S. players.

According to LoopMe research, 1 in 5 consumers are highly attentive while gaming

Only one in five consumers are solely focused on their games while playing. For the rest, watching TV was the most common second activity (43%). Over half of U.S. mobile gamers are watching TV while playing. Singaporean players are the least likely to report watching TV (28%) but it is still the most common response. This could be related Singaporean gamers playing while commutiting.

LoopMe’s data shows that advertisers need to consider that gamers are also focused on other activities when playing on mobile. Further, understanding market differences is critical for crafting the best mobile advertising strategy.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz