Looking for a fitness partner? Get the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2!

OnePlus, the never settling brand, is synonymous with smartphones across just about every price segment. But the brand has more arrows in its tech quiver other than just phones. And one of these is your perfect fitness companion. We are talking about the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2. These Bluetooth earbuds are tailored to be your fitness partner from the get-go.

Let’s start with the form factor first. Working out and exercising requires headphones that is both comfortable to wear and yet is light enough to not be an additional weight to lug around the gym. What’s more, it should be able to bear the rigours of those worshipping on the altar of fitness – sweat, dust and all that accompanies those who pound treadmills and pump iron. The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 score high on each of these. These wireless Bluetooth earbuds dangle from your neck using the neckband that connects the buds to each other. So, you can wear them without worrying about them departing from your ears at a crucial time in your workout (a peril that accompanies all TWS, alas). And to ensure that they stay snug in your ears, OnePlus has also bundled a number of different sizes eartips with them for users to pick and choose what fits best.

The Bullets Wireless Z2 are a mere 26.65 grams in weight, so you will barely feel them in your ears or around your neck – a far cry from those hefty over the ear headphones, wearing which is a workout in its own right (just ask your neck!). The lack of weight, however, does not mean that they are fragile, though. They come with an IP55 rating, which makes them impervious to sweat. Even when you are in the middle of an intense workout, you can be rest assured that these are not going to be ruffled by the sweat coursing down your face. The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 are also made of skin-friendly silicone, ensuring they do not cause any discomfort whatsoever. As they come from the house of OnePlus, the Bullets Wireless Z2 exudes a smart yet minimalistic design. They will blend in with whatever you wear, even outside the gym.

All the design and fit magic is of little use, however, if the sound delivered is sub-par. But there is no chance of that happening with the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2. Equipped with 12.4 mm drivers, the largest drivers OnePlus has placed in its earphones. And these are not paper tigers. They deliver audio with deep, rich bass that serves up the perfect thump for your workout routine. What’s more, they do so without compromising on clarity and detail, no matter how high you take the volume levels (and they can be pretty loud), thanks to anti-distortion algorithms. Those eartips we mentioned earlier? Choose the right ones, and they will keep all external sound out, leaving you with just high-quality audio in your ears.

What’s more, the neckband comes with easy to reach and use controls, letting you tweak the volume, switch tracks and even handle phone calls without any hassle. When it comes to calls, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 handle them like a boss. The microphone on the Bullets Wireless Z2 comes with an AI scene-model algorithm, which adjusts its call noise reduction level to ensure clear and accurate voice detection. The result? Crystal clear calls no matter where you are. These are earphones that are a joy to hear as well as speak into! You can even summon the voice assistant if you need information, or just for a chat. Setting them up and pairing them is super easy, especially if you have a OnePlus device. The FastPair feature will let you pair and set them up in a jiffy, and also offer better response and lower latency rates – the joys of being a part of the great OnePlus ecosystem.

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 come with a solid battery life that can see you through multiple workouts and gym visits on a single charge. They boast an astonishing 30 hours of battery life for playback, and a massive 16 hours of talk time. And of course, as these are from OnePlus -the brand that made fast charging an integral part of our tech lives – they come with fast charging support. Just ten minutes of charging will give you 20 twenty hours of playback time.

All of this at a price of Rs 1,999, often with offers available from both the brand as well as its online and offline retail partners. They deliver great audio, are perfectly at home with sweat, have the sort of battery stamina that would be the envy of marathon runners, are effortless to use (especially if you have a OnePlus phone) and look very smart even while being tough. Never Settle for any other audio gym buddy.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz