Logitech’s new stream light is an affordable, convenient alternative to Elgato

Logitech’s Litra Glow is a small LED light that’s designed to illuminate you while you’re sitting at your desk. It’s designed primarily with content creators like Twitch streamers or YouTubers in mind, but should work just as well for smartening you up on a Zoom call. In other words, it looks like a competitor to Elgato’s $129.99 Key Light Air, but at a more affordable $59.99 (€69) price point.

It’s not an identical accessory. Rather than having a large desk stand, the Litra Glow comes with a small mount to balance it on top of a monitor. It looks like it might be less versatile than the Key Light Air’s stand, but it could be more convenient if you want to reduce desk clutter. Power is provided via a USB-C port on its back.

The light can be mounted on a monitor, and has physical hardware controls.
Image: Logitech

Both brightness and color temperature are adjustable, and the Litra Glow comes with five presets for different scenarios. Its settings can be adjusted using controls on the back of the light, or there are software controls available via Logitech’s G Hub software. Here, you can set up custom presets, and control multiple Litra Glows simultaneously. The light also integrates with Logitech’s keyboards and mice (of course), which can be set to control it with any available macro buttons.

Logitech has been making a big push into the content creator market, and the Litra Glow is the latest evidence of this. The company has produced webcams alongside keyboards and mice for years, but more recently has acquired Blue Microphones, makers of the popular Yeti and Snowball USB mics, as well as Streamlabs, which produces streaming software.

The Litra Glow will be available in the US, Canada, Australia and select countries in Europe from this month.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz