Linktree is letting creators add paywalls for premium content

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Linktree, a popular tool used to link out to additional social channels and websites, is adding a way for users to monetize the content they share on their page.

The new Payment Lock feature announced today will allow creators to put a paywall in front of certain content, like digital files, links to Pinterest mood boards or playlists, or even calendar meeting slots. Creators can charge up to $150 for each piece of content.

The paywalling feature isn’t available to Linktree users on the free plan, and creators aren’t allowed to use it to charge for adult content. Linktree doesn’t seem to be taking a cut at this time — the company declined to confirm on the record.

Linktrees are a common sight on social media profiles where it’s difficult to direct audiences to other pages, like Instagram or TikTok. Creators use link-in-bio tools to direct fans to their other pages, share articles or resources, and add contact details. But over the last few months, the link-in-bio company has introduced more creator tools for its landing pages, including a mobile app for creators to use to update their page.

In July, the company partnered with TikTok, allowing TikTokers to curate a selection of their videos on their Linktree page — almost like a sizzle reel of their work that might attract followers and brand partners.

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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz