Lenovo showcases concept laptop with rollable display in demo video

Lenovo showcased a concept laptop with rollable display in a quick demo video.

During Tech World 2022 event, the company showed the concept laptop in which the screen slowly starts to emerge from the keyboard deck and resembles an old-fashioned notebook, reports The Verge.

It appears that the display’s height increases by about 50 per cent, so it might go from 9 to about 13.5 inches.

According to the report, the laptop might be heavier than usual because the extra screen needs to live inside the keyboard deck.

“The possibilities of a rollable laptop are also compelling,” said Luca Rossi, executive vice president and president, intelligent devices group, Lenovo.

“It will bring multi tasking, browsing and mobility applications to another level,” he added.

The company did not reveal any specification and name of the concept laptop.

Global smartphone brand Motorola has also showcased its rollable smartphone in a quick demo video at the event.

The demo shows the moto phone’s screen extends and retracts, with a moving wallpaper to match with the press of the side button.

The video only shows the front of the device, and the screen seems to wrap around the phone, rolling upwards.



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