Kongregate.io will hit open beta later this year with NFT games

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Kongregate, a 15-year-old no cost-to-play game platform now owned by MTG, has unveiled Kongregate.io, a new net gaming portal featuring games that use non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Launching in open beta later this year, Kongregate.io is a celebration of Kongregate’s 15 years in the gaming space and redefines what a net gaming platform is for today’s market place. The net game publishing business enterprise has changed a lot, and so Kongregate is altering with the instances, stated Markus Lipp, CEO and chief economic officer at Kongregate, in an interview with GamesBeat.

Kongregate’s target is to develop a choice of the finest competitive and .io style games the market place has to supply, all in one spot. Early launch titles will be focused on Kongregate’s internally created portfolio, sister organization offerings by way of bigger parent organization MTG (Modern Times Group), and pick best titles from Kongregate.com.

“We are now in the next level of starting something special with Kongregate.io,” Lipp stated. “When we started this journey, we wanted to learn if the users were enthusiastic at all about NFTs, and we could see that they were. Then we started to follow up with additional products. The focus wasn’t on monetizing, but rather on learning.”


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Image Credit: Kongregate

NFTs use blockchain, the transparent and safe digital ledger, to uniquely determine digital things. That enables for the authentication of digital collectibles or the auctioning of one-of-a-sort that can be authenticated by way of blockchain, the transparent and safe digital ledger behind cryptocurrencies. By embracing NFTs, Kongregate is suggesting that they’re more than just a fad.

NFTs have exploded in applications such as art, sports collectibles, and music. NBA Top Shot (a digital take on collectible basketball cards) is one instance. Built by Dapper Labs, NBA Top Shot has surpassed $700 million in sales, just seven months just after going public. And an NFT digital collage by the artist Beeple sold at Christie’s for $69.3 million. Gaming has a couple of new unicorns, or startups valued at $1 billion, in Animoca Brands and Forte. NFTs are now promoting at a price of $62 million a week, although the initial hype about NFTs is dying down from a peak in May of $175 million a week, according to Nonfungible.com.

Kongregate has more than 1.5 million wallets for players in the Kongregate universe, and it hopes to convert these more than time to crypto wallets by way of the alliance with blockchain infrastructure organization Forte.

Kongregate has currently launched a restricted Founders NFT presale on Kongregate.io that commemorates the most pivotal titles in the portfolio. These NFTs give Kongregate’s most loyal and devoted fans a way to personal a piece of Kongregate’s 15-year history, and unlock new experiences that transcend the person games themselves.

Currently players can acquire NFTs for Kongregate.com’s hit dungeon crawler Bit Heroes and the more not too long ago acquired 2D battle royale game, Surviv.io. Future Founders presale NFTs will feature early fantasy CCG Spellstone and other Kongregate created titles.

“We are shifting our focus away from publishing,” Lipp stated. “We have a strong focus on building new intellectual property games. I cannot speak about them right now. But we have secured some some pretty cool licenses going forward.”

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Image Credit: Kongregate

Max Murphy, vice president of engineering at Kongregate, stated in a statement that the organization sees NFTs as more than just collectibles. He stated the organization has been exploring the technologies behind the scenes more than the last two years to have an understanding of how finest to use it to advantage its enormous neighborhood. Anyone who has collected game achievements dubbed “Kongpanions” will be in a position to convert them to NFTs when the internet site goes into open beta later this year, Murphy stated.

Kongregate.io’s Founders presale is readily available now and is powered by Forte’s finish-to-finish blockchain platform which enables game developers to simply develop and scale token-based economies safely, securely, and with complete regulatory compliance. (Forte raised $185 million not too long ago at a $1 billion valuation).

Each NFT is restricted, gives specific in-game rewards, and will only be readily available when. Players can commence collecting today at ww.kongregate.io.

Over time, Lipp stated that Kongregate hopes to take its leanrings and share them with the complete MTG (Modern Times Group) family of game corporations, which consists of esports firms ESL and DreamHack gaming corporations InnoGames and Ninja Kiwi as nicely as digital network organization Zoomin.Television.

“We can definitely see integrating more games on the .io side with more Kongregate games, more MTG universe games,” Lipp stated.

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