Kolhapur man among Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ macro photography challenge winners and here’s his winning shot

A Maharashtra native has emerged among the top 10 global winners of Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ macro photography challenge. Kolhapur native Prajwal Chougule joined nine other winners from China, Italy, Hungary, the US, Spain, and Thailand.

Chougule’s winning picture captures small dew drops on a spider-web during “golden hour”. The dew drops look very similar to pearls on a necklace in the picture.

Apple introduced the global challenge for photography enthusiasts on January 25 and accepted entries till February 16. The top 10 winning pictures, including Chougule’s, will be featured on apple.com, Apple’s Instagram account (@apple), and billboards in select cities around the world, including where the winners are from.

“I am a nature lover and love going on early morning walks with my iPhone 13 Pro. The ‘golden hour’ brings the best out of nature and is a photographer’s delight,” Chougule told Apple about his winning shot.

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“Dew drops on a spider’s web caught my attention and I was fascinated at how the dry spider silk formed a necklace, on which the dew glistened like pearls. It felt like a piece of art on nature’s canvas.”

Speaking about the photograph, judge Apeksha Maker said: “This image is so perfect that it looks like an illustration. The well-arranged dew drops on the spider-web are captured with great detail.”

“It’s something that most people would miss around them.”

Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ challenged photographers to capture a macro picture using the Apple iPhone 13 Pro or the iPhone 13 Pro Max and submit the photographs to Apple.

Kaiann Drance, Vice President of Worldwide iPhone Product Marketing, said: “At Apple, we believe that the true potential of our products is fully realised once they’re put in the hands of our customers and the Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge showcases that so beautifully.”

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“We invited the world to share their best macro shots, and our ten winning photographers captured images that make even the smallest details seem epic — like dew drops on a spider’s web, snowflakes on a dog’s fur, and sea glass dazzling in the daylight — all encouraging us to slow down to take in the wonder around us.”

A panel of expert judges from the photography industry and Apple selected the best photos from the lot. 

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz