Kohler shower pods are here to turn your bathroom into a spa

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Ever wish you could bring the spa home with you? Well, now you kind of can. Kohler announced a new aromatherapy shower infusion system at CES 2023 that will add a spa-like experience to your daily showers — just get ready to add shower pods to your shopping list.

Kohler’s Sprig Shower Infusion System consists of a gadget capable of attaching to any showerhead paired with Sprig Shower Pods. Once the shower is on, Kohler’s Sprig Shower Pods infuse the water stream with a combination of scents, like eucalyptus, chamomile, and lavender, as well as ingredients that are supposed to be good for the skin, like hyaluronic acid and sodium. Kohler says the pods are safe to use on the entire body and should run for “several minutes.”

While you can use the device with any showerhead, one part of it is very Kohler-specific: you can only insert Kohler’s Sprig Shower Pods into the gadget’s holder. These will have to be purchased separately and start at $21 for a six-pack of single-use pods or $24 for a single multiuse pod with eight uses.

Sprig Shower Pods.
Image: Kohler

The shower infusion system starts at $119 and will be available to purchase during the first quarter of 2023.

Kohler isn’t alone in thinking shower infusions could be the next hit wellness gadget. This month, the shower tech startup Hai is launching a product called Fuse, which can also attach to any showerhead and infuse the water with scents and vitamins. At $49, the attachment is much cheaper than Kohler’s, though, and launches on January 25th. Instead of pods, Hai’s shower infusion system uses “infusion tablets.”

Hai shower infusion tablets in a package.

Hai shower infusion tablets.
Image: Hai

The tablets are made from ingredients like sodium bicarbonate and citric acid and come in scents like lavender and mandarin. They’ll cost $26 for a 16-pack or can be purchased for $20 per month.

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