It’s take your kids to space day in My Dad the Bounty Hunter’s first teaser trailer

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Spacefaring bounty hunters tend to be known for living for themselves, but the hero of Netflix’s upcoming animated series My Dad the Bounty Hunter from executive producers Everett Downing and Patrick Harpin is very much a family man who loves his kids even though they might end up getting him killed judging from the show’s new teaser trailer.

My Dad the Bounty Hunter tells the story of a young girl Lisa (Priah Ferguson) and her brother Sean (JeCobi Swain) — two kids that want nothing more than to hang out with their well-meaning dad (Laz Alonso), who always seems to be rushing off to work. The kids understand that their father’s constantly ducking out to take care of business in order to be able to take care of them. But it’s still frustrating to have him disappearing so often, which is part of why they decide to secretly tag along one evening when he says that he has to take care of something work-related that shouldn’t take all that long.

As the kids expect, their dad’s work thing is anything but a quick, little errand, but they’re shocked when they realize that rather than running down to the office to grab documents or something, he’s taken them all off-planet in pursuit of a hot bounty. While the teaser trailer doesn’t detail all that much aside from the show’s premise, it does spotlight some of the strange alien worlds Lisa and Sean will travel to with their father and makes it seem like My Dad the Bounty Hunter might go surprisingly hard (in a good way) for a kids’ show.

My Dad the Bounty Hunter also stars Yvette Nicole Brown, Yvonne Orji, Leslie Uggams, Jim Rash, and Rob Riggle, and while the show doesn’t have a release date yet, expect it to hit Netflix sometime in the near future.

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