iOS 16 to allow eSIM transfer to new iPhone via Bluetooth, tipster says

Apple will add an easy method to swap out an eSIM to a new iPhone with the new iOS 16. Carson Waldrop tweeted that the iOS 16 supported transferring eSIM cards from an existing iPhone to a new one via Bluetooth. The switch will be effortless and allow users to easily transfer phone numbers when buying a new iPhone.

At present, users have to contact their carriers to get a new eSIM issued when they purchase a new iPhone. While some carriers in the United States make this process easier through QR codes in their apps, others force users to go to a physical store to transfer an eSIM.

Apple’s new eSIM swap support for iOS 16 will remove some of these headaches. However, MacRumors pointed out that it would only be possible to transfer eSIMs over Bluetooth if the carrier supported the feature.

With the iOS 16 still in beta, carrier support for the new feature is likely incomplete and it would not be possible to ascertain how many carriers and countries would fully support this feature before the iOS 16’s launch.

Apple announced the iOS 16, its next major operating system update for iPhone 8 and above, at WWDC 2022. The update packs several under-the-hood improvements, such as a haptic feedback for the iPhone’s keyboard. It is also likely to be the first iOS update to bring big changes to the lock screen and allow customisation on levels never seen before.

Messages is also getting a revamp with the ability to recall messages and edit them on the fly even after sending. There will also be new ways to share photos with friends and family and more Memoji options. Apple is also making new strides in privacy with a new Safety Check feature.

iOS 16 is currently in developer preview.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz