iOS 16 lets you turn on haptic feedback for your iPhone’s keyboard

Apple announced Monday that iOS 16 will let you switch on haptics when you type, meaning you’ll feel a tiny vibration every single time you press a key on your iPhone’s virtual keyboard. Apple’s haptics — powered by the company’s Taptic Engine — are some of the best out there on mobile phones (though many Android devices have caught up), and now you’ll get to feel a satisfying pulse while you’re chatting with your friends or composing an email.

Previously, if you wanted haptic feedback on your keyboard, one option was to turn to… Google. The search company added haptic feedback to its Gboard keyboard for iPhone in 2019. I personally gave up on using third-party keyboards years ago because it’s a lot easier to just use Apple’s stock keyboard, and I haven’t tried haptic feedback on a keyboard for myself. With iOS 16, I’ll definitely give it a spin.

Haptic keyboard feedback is just one of many iOS 16 updates revealed during WWDC 2022.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz