Instagram is down – The Verge

If you’re having trouble accessing Instagram right now, you are not the only one. Reports across the internet note issues with Meta’s more-than-just-pictures app, with many people seeing screens saying they’re not logged in, blank image posts, “Welcome to Instagram” messages like they have a brand new account, or feeds that stop loading after the first few pictures. Many Verge staffers are seeing similar issues while trying to access Instagram.

There doesn’t appear to be any acknowledgment of an issue from Instagram, Facebook, or their parent company so far. The outage doesn’t appear to be tied to any specific area, and other services are still working.

Instagram’s sample outage status message
Image: Instagram

We also haven’t seen any of the in-app outage status messages for Instagram that it began testing shortly after last year’s massive Facebook network outage that might tell users about any major technical difficulties affecting the platform or its features.

We’ve contacted Instagram and Meta about the issues and will update this post when there is more information available.


Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz