Instagram, Facebook Messenger are down for some users: Details

Meta-owned platforms are facing glitches in certain features for some users. Several users around the globe have complained that they were not able to send Direct Messages on Instagram. Some users have also reported a similar issue with the Facebook Messenger app.

According to some users, the messages sent on Instagram disappear automatically after they are received and it has been 12 hours since the first issue was reported. This issue is mainly affecting the DM section of the app. According to a report by Downdetector, the platform also noted that around 40% of Instagram users are having issues with their login.

The first spike in registered complaints began right after 8 PM on July 5 and the reports peaked at around 11 pm when more than 1200 people reported facing issues with Instagram.

Some users reported that they are having issues while receiving and sending Direct Messages on Instagram. The issue is mainly affecting the app’s Inbox section. The only issue that seems to be affecting the entire app is when messages are automatically deleted after they are sent.

Instagram has not released an official statement regarding the issue. At the time of writing, the platform’s users have not received any updates or fixes for the issue.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz