Instagram adding a new way to react to Stories; Details inside

Instagram is ramping up its Story feature as it attains popularity among content creators to share daily life updates. Insta users soon will be able to respond to Stories not just through like buttons and messages but through voice notes as well. The buzz is that the Meta-backed company is working on adding a new way of responding to ephemeral videos and images.

Developer Alessandro Paluzzi is known for reverse engineering apps that find new features and has reported that Instagram is working on a feature that will allow users to respond to Stories using voice messages.

The developer also shared a screenshot that shows the option to send a voice reply will appear right next to the GIF option in the message bar. Users will be able to record a voice note in response to an Instagram Story by long-pressing the mic icon.

Users should keep in mind that not all features that undergo development or testing are rolled out to the public. So, it remains to be seen if the company releases the feature to respond to Stories to all its users in the main app.

A couple of months back another Instagram feature in which the developer noted that Meta was also working on a feature that could give users more freedom to arrange their posts in the profile grid in the order they prefer, to make noise.

Instagram has also rolled out other features like a Chronological feed to its platform in the form of the Following feed which shows users posts from all the people that they follow and the Favourites feed which shows users the latest post from accounts they choose.

Moreover, Meta has also rolled out a feature that will enable users to add captions to their videos by the tap of a button.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz