India makes USB Type-C charging must for device makers from March 2025

Mobile device companies in India will have to give USB Type-C as the standard charging port in their products by March 2025, said a civil servant on Tuesday.

State-run Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has set quality benchmarks for the charging port, which the department of consumer affairs wants device manufacturers to put in their products.

“BIS has notified standards for type C chargers and the government will come up with two common types of charging ports for mobiles and wearable electronic devices,” said Rohit Kumar Singh, secretary, ministry of consumer affairs.

The government set the 2025 deadline after consulting with industry stakeholders about standards and considering global supply chain constraints and availability of products. The deadline will follow the European Union’s timeline for uniform charging ports’ standards.

“There is a broad consensus among the industry and government that the use of USB type C charging ports can be made mandatory after six months of the European Union’s rolling out of standards for USB charging ports in 2024 as electronic manufacturers have a global integrated supply chain,” Singh told ‘Business Standard’.

Earlier, the Central Consumer Protection Authority formed a sub-group comprising industry representatives, educational institutions and others to study the feasibility of a uniform charging port.

Last month, the stakeholders agreed to a phased rollout of a uniform charging port for effective implementation and easy adoption.

The environment ministry might assess and examine the possible impact of uniform charging ports in electronic devices with regard to e-waste.

A uniform charging port will be a step towards the LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) mission launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the 2026 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. LiFE calls for “mindful and deliberate utilisation” by people worldwide instead of “mindful and wasteful consumption”.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz