IDC/LoopMe: 75% of pandemic-driven mobile gaming lift will stay

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About 75% of the pandemic-driven enhance in mobile games will persist indefinitely, according to a new report by market place researcher IDC and digital ad platform LoopMe.

The study analyzes one of the most significant queries about pandemic gaming: irrespective of whether players who picked up the gaming habit through lockdown will continue playing games as soon as they can go outdoors more and resume other social activities.

Based on a survey of thousands of smartphone customers, 63% of respondents stated they played more games. According to users’ answers adhere to-up queries, the researchers estimated that 75% of the net acquire in mobile gaming activity will stay even right after the pandemic is more than, stated Lewis Ward, an analyst at IDC, in an interview with GamesBeat.

“We asked them, how do they think their habits will change once the pandemic has subsided?” Ward stated. “And with other questions, we got to about a quarter of their respondents indicated they would reduce how much time they spent playing mobile games.”


The language-localized survey interviewed 3,850 smartphone customers in the U.S., United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Brazil, and Singapore in April. These nations have been chosen, in component, to get a mix of higher COVID-19 effect nations and low COVID-19 effect nations. Data have been normalized to account for population and gender splits by nation.

“During the pandemic, pandemic, there was this big spike,” Ward stated. “We’ve seen it in mobile as well as console and PC games. It was across the board. We wanted to find out what the new normal would look like after the pandemic is in the rear-view mirror.”

IDC partnered with LoopMe to field and analyze a survey of mobile gamers in six nations, asking respondents about their current gaming activities, as effectively as their intentions relating to future gameplay time commitments right after the pandemic is largely in-hand in their native nations. Ward estimated that the pandemic will lift in the next 12 to 24 months.

The survey discovered a correlation among enhanced mobile gameplay time commitments and neighborhood pandemic effects (particularly, the per capita COVID-19 death price). About 3 in 4 gamers reported playing to be entertained or just to pass the time 4% stated they have been playing to engage in “safe” virtual social interactions that are supported by live multiplayer games particularly more broadly, it seems live multiplayer mobile games outperformed other game forms in 2020.

New gamers

About 6% of today’s mobile gamer neighborhood didn’t play prior to the pandemic these new gamers appeared to skew male and a couple of years younger than the broader base of pre-pandemic mobile gamers.

After the pandemic is largely more than (presumably late 2022 in most nations), the survey suggests that 25% of the net enhance in mobile gaming activity induced by the pandemic will dissipate, but 75% of the net rise will stay indefinitely this “new normal” will differ substantively by nation, even so, partly based on the severity of the neighborhood pandemic, Ward stated.

Largely due to pandemic effects, the worldwide base of gamers that played on a smartphone or slate tablet month-to-month jumped 12% in 2020 compared to 2019, to roughly 2.25 billion last year, IDC and LoopMe stated.

The report also stated a majority of mobile gamers make vital acquiring choices for their households.

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