Hybrid work gets smart software updates

Most of us have adapted to hybrid work, and while it is here to stay, it comes with its challenges, especially for small businesses, which need tailored solutions to help them thrive in a dynamic work environment. Productivity tools and features, specifically those aimed at collaboration and improved communication, make it easier for SMBs to function. Microsoft Teams Essentials (a standalone Microsoft Teams offering) has introduced three new features to enable SMBs to achieve more.

Schedule meetings on mobile
While on the go, mobile functionality is key to staying on top of one’s hectic schedule. With the latest update, Teams users can schedule meetings on mobile from the calendar or even the chat window.

Chat with anyone
Communicating with customers, partners and vendors is critical to running a business. Teams has made it all the more easier now by letting users chat with members outside their organisation. By entering their email address or phone number and starting a 1:1 or group chat, users can communicate with those outside their organisation, with no tenant switching needed. Not only can users collaborate better with external partners, they can do so with multiple controls in a secure environment.

Google calendar integration
A one-stop shop for managing your schedules and meetings, the Google calendar integration helps you manage your time well. The integration will replace the existing Teams calendar with Google Calendar, although users can switch back any time.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz