Humble reveals nine games, new publishing moves at its Showcase

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Humble today held its first Humble Games Showcase, where it revealed nine new games it is publishing in 2022. It also revealed it’s expanding its publishing, and has acquired its first in-house IP with the Monaco franchise.

Humble revealed the games coming in 2022 on its slate, starting with Monaco 2. Having acquired the rights to the franchise from creator Andy Schatz, of Pocketwatch Games, Humble is collaborating with Pocketwatch on the development of the sequel.

Another major title is Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical, which Humble is publishing with developer Summerfall Studios. Summerfall describes Stray Gods as an interactive musical/narrative adventure game.

Humble is also publishing Black Mermaid Studios’ first game, which was revealed at the showcase. Called Moonscars, its creators describe it as a Souls-inspired title, with artwork similar to the Dutch masters. The game will launch in Summer 2022.

Humble has also joined publishing partnerships with other indie developers. It announced it’s publishing farm sim Coral Island, 2D Metroidvania game Ghost Song, survival horror Signalis (which also received a gameplay trailer), and rhythm RPG Infinite Guitars.

Some of the games shown at the event received release dates. Adventure game Chinatown Detective Agency is launching on PC, Xbox (including Game Pass) and Switch on April 7. Turn-based RPG Iron Oath launches in early access on PC on April 19.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz