How Legacy Games nevertheless has a excellent business enterprise promoting CD games at Walmart

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Legacy Games has been publishing and distributing casual Computer games at retail given that 1998. And think it or not, it is nevertheless in business enterprise and its founder Ariella Lehrer is back in charge of the enterprise that targets females who are 40 years old or older.

Lehrer began the Los Angeles enterprise 23 years ago to make games for females at retail. She left in 2017 to move on to augmented reality game maker Hitpoint. Legacy Games stayed smaller with just a handful of individuals, but it kept its relationships with essential retailers such as Walmart. And it nevertheless has Walmart as a client. Meanwhile, most of its competitors have moved on to more eye-catching markets. So just after 3 years at Hitpoint, Lehrer returned as CEO of Legacy Games in October and she has began a new indie publishing plan.

Legacy has helped game developers come across new casual game shoppers by way of Legacy’s special distribution channels, such as Walmart. Now the enterprise is diversifying its game portfolio by working with indie game developers. Lehrer stated in an interview with GamesBeat that she is signing up a assortment of indie developers who are producing Computer and mobile games that target casual gamers. Roughly 70% of the shoppers are older females, and about 30% are guys.

“We are signing up cool indie game developers, and that’s overdue,” Lehrer stated. “I came back and found it was still kicking, and maybe I can push it toward digital. I’m really focused on bringing Legacy Games into the digital age.”

Going digital and physical

Image Credit: Legacy Games

Since coming back, Lehrer launched a digital retailer and she expects the enterprise triple its digital sales in 2021.

She is signing up developers that have very rated casual games on Steam, but have otherwise had restricted distribution. Many developers have had a challenging time in the pandemic. A survey by the Game Developers Conference located that 34% of game developers saw their business enterprise decline, and a report from Video Game Insights located more than 50% of indies by no means make more than $4,000.

“We found there are all these wonderful indie games on Steam, but our customers don’t go on Steam,” she stated.

Lehrer distributes the games on the company’s internet web page. And if any do specifically properly on the digital storefront, then the enterprise will see if they will sell at Walmart, exactly where the enterprise sells about 3,000 units a week. Legacy can package the games with each other in a bundle on DVD discs. Successful digital bundles will then be sold at retail.

“It’s a lovely little business,” she stated. “We have been profitable every year except for the Great Recession” in 2008.

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Image Credit: Legacy Games

It got began with a hit game referred to as Emergency Room, initially developed for IBM. Lehrer got the rights back and then sold it at retail at Walmart, and the title sold more than a million units. At its height, Legacy Games had about $5 million in revenues. That was by no means that thrilling to investors. But the enterprise has stayed steady and it did raise cash when a though ago from Targus. The enterprise made 20 distinct games based on tv licenses like Law &amp Order, Criminal Minds, Murder She Wrote, Tarzan, and other people. Lehrer kept it going but stayed on

Legacy has 18 of 24 spots on the shelf for casual games at Walmart retailers. All of the competitors have loved on to other markets. Lehrer stated she values the relationship with Walmart, which is the last national retail enterprise standing when it comes to promoting casual game DVD bundles, Lehrer stated. Legacy Games also sells its games on retailers’ on the web internet websites, such as,,, and by way of the following on the web distributors: Arvato, Avanquest, and Synnex. Additionally, Legacy Games sells its games by way of other regular outlets like Steam, Microsoft Windows, and wherever casual games can be sold profitably.

“Others have said it’s a shrinking market at retail and they are going somewhere else exciting,” stated Lehrer. “I think there is an opportunity here. There’s still an opportunity to sell these kinds of games at retail. I had a feeling these women were underserved. They buy their products at Walmart. They love casual games like hidden object games, or match-3, or time management, and they want to play on the PC.”

While Lehrer was gone, 3 component-time staff ran the enterprise. Then she came back and she has added 3 more complete-time staff. And now the company’s revenues are close to $1 million.

New developers

Lehrer has signed up 15 new game studios this year. These incorporate JumpGate (Project Blue Book), Thomas Bowker (Lyne), Joel McDonald (Prune), Flippfly (Evergarden) and Walkabout (Wanderlust: Travel Stories), Joybits (Doodle God), and BufoProject (Classic Card Games 3D), amongst other people.

“We’re going to try out different genres, different ways of packaging, different pricing and we will see what resonates,” Lehrer stated.

Legacy Games has a extended history of working with established casual game developers such as Artifex Mundi, Brave Giant, Alawar, Microids, Jet Dogs, Crisp App Studios, and a lot of more. Rivals incorporate Big Fish Games. The enterprise has publishing contracts with more than 50 game developers, and it sells more than 500 person games. One of the typical hits is the Amazing Games bundle at Walmart, with titles which includes Supernatural Stories, Fantastic Fables, True Crime, Murder Mystery, Greatest Hits, and Magical Matches.

“There are many fewer retail and digital sites to purchase casual PC games than there were a few years ago,” Lehrer stated. “Many of our competitors have switched their focus to mobile. Our customers find Steam overwhelming. I believe there is a significant revenue opportunity for indie developers to reach new customers and generate incremental revenue by partnering with Legacy.”

One of the developers making use of Legacy’s publishing services is Aaron San Filippo, co-owner of Flippfly, a 3-particular person studio close to Madison, Wisconsin. In an interview, he stated Legacy reached out to him a couple of months ago to get his game Evergarden, which is a mysterious puzzle gardening title, onto its platform. It will be launching quickly in the digital retailer and it has a likelihood for physical distribution, San Filippo stated.

San Filippo stated he launched the game on Steam a couple of years ago and it didn’t connect properly with that audience. Steam was more about hardcore gamers, and so the casual gaming audience of Legacy seemed a lot more attractive. The game also debuted on Linux and iOS, and it did ideal on iOS.

“It goes to the target market for our games,” San Filippo stated. “We’re always looking for more opportunities. This is all about diversifying our income streams. Additional revenue streams are worthwhile, even if it’s small. I’m hopeful this will do well.”

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