How EveryoneSocial helps enterprises drive online engagement

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Utah-based EveryoneSocial, a company that provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to help enterprise employees become social media influencers, today announced it has raised $13 million in fresh funding.

Today, companies across sectors crave social media attention. Platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn are known to drive virality and can easily boost the reach to potential customers and drive more sales. However, the challenge with these new-age communication channels is not the ‘what’ but the ‘how’ – how can you drive better engagement? More often than not, organizations see paid advertising as the answer, but that requires significant investment. According to Statista, online advertising revenue in the U.S. has been upwards of $100 billion every year since 2017.

EveryoneSocial’s more affordable solution

Founded in 2009, EveryoneSocial solves this challenge by providing enterprises with a platform dedicated to making teams active on social media platforms. 

Essentially, any senior executive could use the platform to share relevant content – from company blog posts and press releases to third-party posts – with the rest of the company employees. The team members would then see the content on an internal timeline (a part of EveryoneSocial’s web/mobile app) and simply click on it to share on their respective social media profiles. This ensures that the content in question, which has already been reviewed and approved, goes out through tens of thousands, maybe even millions, of accounts on LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook, driving the impressions, clicks and engagement the company needs. For employees, it improves their social reach and visibility.

EveryoneSocial also provides marketers (or anyone handling digital engagement) an option to include the caption in the shareable post – leaving just the task of sharing or scheduling to the employees. However, it must be noted that employees can edit the caption or suggest their own post for social promotion if they wish to do so. 

“Companies spend over $100 billion per year on social ads and yet, there isn’t a marketer out there that would tell you they’re happy with the results,” Cameron Brain, the CEO and cofounder of EveryoneSocial, told Venturebeat. “We’re not anti-ads, however, activating employees as influencers not only produces the same outcomes for pennies on the dollar, it provides an important signal for where and how a company should be spending its ad dollars to drive sales, hiring, or anything else on an efficient basis. It’s just a no-brainer for driving efficient growth.”

Available on a per-user basis, the solution is mostly targeted at marketing, sales, recruitment and communications teams of companies, with early adopters being major enterprises such as Amazon, Meta, Unity, T-Mobile, Merck, and Fidelity. Brain emphasized that their focus has largely been on big giants but they have now started looking at smaller mid-market players who could adopt and roll out the solution quickly within their employee base.

Added elements

In addition to shareable posts, organizations can also use EveryoneSocial to direct employees to drive engagement on a post that has already been shared on a third-party platform. Simultaneously, the admins of the platform get data-driven insights and visualizations showing the top-performing posts in terms of likes and shares and what has been their impact on overall reach, engagement and clicks. The raw data helps marketers understand the ROI of the platform and compare it with the impact of paid ads. 

With the latest funding, which saw the participation of existing investors Epic Ventures, Next Frontier Capital and Crane Group, EveryoneSocial plans to strengthen its customer base, particularly in the mid-market segment, and drive expansion within sales and partner teams. 

In 2021 alone, the company saw enterprise teams share their employee experiences, COVID-19 efforts, personal stories, and company wins with more than 100 million people worldwide.

“We were the first solution of our type and we’re the recognized leader, especially by larger enterprises, which have been our primary focus up until recently. This latest round is really about bringing EveryoneSocial to mid-market companies, which we’ve seen big success with,” Brain said.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz