House of Blueberry launches Boy Meets Girl digital wearables on Roblox

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Digital fashion brand House of Blueberry has teamed up with streetwear brand Boy Meets Girl to create a collection of digital wearables on Roblox.

The collection includes Boy Meets Girl branded leggings, short-sleeve tops, long-sleeve tops and beanies.

House of Blueberry and Boy Meets Girl worked together to design and create this digital collection, which takes inspiration from the brand’s effortless “cool kid” style. The four unisex digital wearables are representative of Boy Meets Girl’s bestsellers and brand staples.

“We love the mission behind Boy Meets Girl, and are excited to bring these iconic looks and style into the metaverse,” said Mishi McDuff, CEO of House of Blueberry. “We think the iconic Boy Meets Girl branding will really come to life on Roblox and make for a fun, welcoming virtual experience for our community.”

House of Blueberry was founded by Mishi McDuff in 2012 as a solo creator and it started partnering in digital fashion with brands like Jonathan Simkhai, Natori and Overwolf. To date, the brand has sold over 20 million units of virtual clothing and has a customer base close to half a million. In addition to Roblox, Blueberry is live on multiple Web2 and Web3 metaverse platforms, including The Sims and Second Life.

The Boy Meets Girl and House of Blueberry collection will be available for purchase in House of Blueberry’s shopping experience on Roblox and will retail from 65 to 85 Robux (less than $1 per item). Additionally, Boy Meets Girl will carry its anti-bullying mission into the metaverse, using positive messaging in the Blueberry virtual boutique.

“As someone who was an early adopter of virtual markets, this was a natural partnership for me,” said Boy Meets Girl chief creative officer Stacy Igel, in a statement. “I’m thrilled to bring Boy Meets Girl into the metaverse in collaboration with House of Blueberry. It is important that while in a digital world, confidence and courage never go out of style. During Covid-19, my son, Dylan, got to learn a lot about virtual worlds and has been teaching me about Roblox. So, you can imagine how excited I am to share this collaboration and how excited he is too.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz