Hazelcast launches serverless offering to accelerate real-time applications

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California-based Hazelcast, a company that provides a platform to act on streaming data in real-time, has announced a new serverless solution under its cloud-managed service portfolio. The offering gives enterprises an easier way to access the company’s platform to build real-time applications.

Serverless technologies have been on the rise across sectors. According to Cisco’s 2022 global hybrid cloud trends report, 40% of enterprises that are using cloud-native technologies have already switched to serverless. Now, Hazelcast is building on this trend with its new Hazelcast Viridian serverless platform. 

Hazelcast Viridian serverless

The product enables self-service provisioning, according to the company. Users don’t have to worry about setting up the underlying hardware and handling operational complexities, such as resource planning, to leverage Hazelcast capabilities. They just have to sign up and define a few parameters to have a functional cluster in a matter of minutes. It grows and shrinks according to the workload, giving users a horizontally scalable real-time data platform at their disposal.

Hazelcast’s platform offers a high-speed data store, distributed stream processing capabilities, and real-time data management to discover and act on patterns, trends, and anomalies. These features, combined with the benefits of serverless, can help organizations accelerate web and mobile applications. They can gain a 360-degree customer view, track assets in real-time, prevent fraudulent transactions, deliver personalized recommendations, create real-time promotional offers, and more. 

Since the whole thing works on the pay-as-you-consume model, enterprises can also run cost-effective testing for various applications.

“Viridian serverless is the next step in providing a truly real-time cloud, all while making it even easier to develop, configure and deploy innovative applications,” Manish Devgan, chief product officer of Hazelcast, said. “This is the most seamless way to build and deploy cloud-native, real-time applications that will drive the next generation of competitive advantage.” 


Hazelcast says that the serverless offering is available in public beta on AWS and will soon debut on the Google Cloud Platform. The company did not share the exact timeline of GCP availability, but as part of the launch, it is providing a free-forever tier that includes a limited-time offer of up to 2 Gibibytes (GiB) of data storage. 

Other players helping enterprises mobilize real-time are StarRocks, DeltaStream, Confluent’s ksqlDB, Azure Stream Analytics and GCP DataFlow.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz