Have an iPhone? Now you can ‘Super Follow’ people on Twitter

Twitter for iOS: Now, all users on the iOS Twitter app can Super Follow some creators. Super Follows is a monetisation feature for content creators on Twitter. The feature had first been released by the microblogging site in September only in the US and Canada, and it allows creators to monetise their Twitter accounts. They can create exclusive content that can be monetised using monthly subscriptions. The feature had been announced way back in February and select creators got the feature in September. The website saw subscribers contributing about $6,000 within the first two weeks of the feature being released.

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Now, the social media platform has announced that it has expanded the feature, and all iOS users across the world would be able to Super Follow select content creators.

Users who wish to monetise using the Super Follow feature need to be at least 18 years old to be able to monetise their accounts. Not only that, but they also need to have a minimum of 10,000 followers with at least 25 tweets sent out in the last 30 days. If these conditions are met, they can apply to have Super Follows. If their request is accepted by Twitter, these creators are required to send out at least 25 tweets every 30 days.

Twitter accounts which have Super Follows enabled can earn 97% of the revenue generated from their Super Follows subscriptions after in-app purchase fees, with Twitter charging a 3% commission. Moreover, in cases where a user earns $50,000 from their subscriptions, they would get up to 80% of the revenue after the deduction of in-app purchase fees as Twitter is looking to increase its share of commission to up to 20% of future earnings.

The concept is that Super Followers can have access to bonus content that is not available to other, regular followers, and these Super Followers also get badges that can help users easily identify them. The feature would be expanded to Android and web users soon, the company has said. However, no timeline for the same has been shared yet.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz