Gupshup launches new auto bot builder powered by GPT3 to build chatbots

Conversational engagement platform Gupshup on Wednesday launched its Auto Bot Builder, a tool that applies the power of GPT-3 – the latest generative AI technology developed by OpenAI – to automatically build advanced chatbots for specific enterprise requirements.

Auto Bot Builder uses the GPT-3 LLM (Large Language Model) and tunes it with a proprietary enterprise knowledge base and domain expertise, resulting in a chatbot specialised to an enterprise, unlike ChatGPT, which is a general-purpose chatbot. This will enable enterprises to incorporate the latest advances in AI technology, in a no-code environment, into their conversational experiences to substantially enhance their customer engagement.

The company claims that the bots built by the new tool can virtually handle any natural-language query posed by the user and provide meaningful responses in almost all scenarios. Businesses can build these chatbots for each stage of the customer lifecycle including marketing, commerce, and support. Use cases include marketing offers, lead gen, product discovery, product recommendations, shopping advice, troubleshooting, customer support, etc.

The new bot builder will reduce the time and effort it takes to create conversational journeys, enabling enterprises to develop more journeys faster for use cases across the entire customer lifecycle, the company said.

“GPT-3 represents a massive improvement in language and conversational abilities. We’re excited to help enterprises harness the power of LLMs to enhance their customer experience. Gupshup is always among the first to bring the latest technology to enterprises. This is just the beginning of a new wave of innovation, and we expect to rapidly roll out more advanced capabilities,” said Beerud Sheth, CEO of Gupshup.

With the Auto Bot Builder tool, a user can “instantly build” a chatbot using content from their website, documents, message logs, product catalogues, database, and other corporate systems of record. The tool accepts the content of any size, processes it and fine-tunes the Large Language Model (LLM) to the specific context. Auto Bot Builder is capable of handling really large content sets, which need special pre-processing.

For industry-specific use cases, Gupshup has also developed instances based on its proprietary training data and domain expertise that provides an even greater head-start in developing high-quality enterprise-specific conversational experiences.

Gupshup offers a single messaging application programming interface (API) for over 30 channels across voice, text, and chat to enable businesses to create frictionless conversations with their customers. It serves verticals including banking, insurance, e-commerce, retail, gaming, and healthcare.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz