Gotham Knights gameplay trailer drops as devs scupper last-gen release

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WB Montreal, the developers of the upcoming Gotham Knights, today dropped a 13-minute long gameplay video. It’s an embarrassment of riches, considering it’s been a while since we last heard from it. There is one sad piece of news, though: It’s not coming out on Xbox One or PS4.

The gameplay demo starts midway through the story, and shows the gameplay of both Nightwing and Red Hood. They play very differently, with Nightwing acrobatically grappling enemies and Red Hood using his guns at range. Both also have a range of equippable gear that alters their stats.

We also got a bit of the story, in which Batman’s children deal with his death and the rise of the Court of Owls. They’ve also picked up some of his investigative skills, as they will have to solve some environmental puzzles in the game. So far Gotham Knights looks similar enough to the Arkham games, with slightly less surly playable characters.

Gotham Knights was originally set to launch in 2021 and was delayed to this year: October 25, to be exact. This means we’ll at least get it before Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which launches next year. As stated, it won’t be launching on last-gen consoles, as the developers want to provide the “best possible gameplay experience.” Why do I get the feeling that’ll become a trend?

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz