Google’s Clock app on Pixel devices now lets users record alarm sounds

Tech giant Google has added a new feature to its Clock application on Pixel devices with which users can now record their own alarm and timer sounds.

Earlier, users had to copy the files over using a file manager application and then add them using the alarm sound settings, reports The Verge.

However, now, users don’t need to do all of that work because the tech giant has added a new option to record sounds right inside the Clock application.

The new feature appears to be limited to Pixel devices right now because it uses the Pixel-exclusive Recorder application, the report said.

Google Clock comes with a Bedtime feature, added in June 2020, that lets users assign routines, track their bedtime activity and even use sunset alarms to brighten a room before waking up.

It also includes a “Sleep” sound option that plays soft waves, space whooshes and relaxing sounds before users doze off.



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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz