Google working on Fast Pair feature for styluses’ low-charging notification

Google is reportedly working on low-charging notifications for styluses which will be included in its existing Fast Pair feature.

This indication came from the new code which was discovered inside the latest Google Play services update, reports AndroidPolice.

Multiple strings labelled with “fast-pair-stylus” were found inside the aforementioned Play services update for Wear OS.

The strings highlighted three low-battery notifications that are likely to appear to users when the battery is beginning to dip.

The first is a basic low battery indicator which will advise users to “Consider charging soon”.

This will be then followed by another notification when the battery of the stylus has dipped even more and the last notification is likely for when the stylus is just about to give up which will include the caption “Charge now”.

This inlines with rumours that the Google Pixel Tablet is expected to be released alongside a stylus, the report said.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the tech giant might soon help users to find their misplaced Fast Pair accessories even when they are offline.



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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz