Google will now read search results out loud for you, Google Pay getting ‘Hinglish’ support

Google for India 2021: At the Google for India 2021 event, the search engine giant unveiled quite a few tools that would help the Indian users navigate the internet in a more accessible manner. The first among them is the tool that would show users search results in the language of their preference. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t that what happened before? Well, no. Earlier, if a page wasn’t available in the local languages, only the English results were displayed. Now, the result pages in English and in languages other than the user’s preferred language would automatically be converted into the preferred language and displayed in the results.

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“At Google we have long since employed advanced machine learning techniques to significantly improve translation quality across Indian languages. Thanks to these developments, today we are announcing a feature in Search that will give users the option to access web pages originally written in other languages, and see it in their preferred language,” the company said.

This feature has received support in five Indian languages, including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam, and it would be expanded further as well, and it works on any mobile browser supporting Google Search.

But this is not it. Another helpful feature alongside this is the Google Assistant’s ability to read the search results out loud for those who may find it easier to hear rather than to read. This is an India-first feature which would be available in Hinglish, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and Bengali.

It still is not it. Google Pay is also getting new features so that digital payments can be further simplified. A digital economy cannot be truly digital until easy digital payments also become a reality. While to many, UPI and apps like Google Pay already seem like a much simpler and convenient option, language barrier still prevents many from being able to go through with it. Accordingly, now, Google has announced an industry and Google-first additional option of Hinglish on the Google Pay app. “The introduction of Hinglish is our attempt to make these interactions even more intuitive and natural via Google Pay,” the search engine giant said.

Along with it is also the speech to text feature, allowing users to use voice input to transact. “They can voice account numbers in Hindi or English into the app to enter the account number, which is then confirmed with the sender before initiating the payment,” Google said.

Moreover, a long due feature of splitting the bill will also soon be added to Google Pay.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz