Google Maps gets ‘search with live view’ and other features: Know more

Google Maps gets new search features ahead of the holiday season. Among others, there is a new live view feature, which the American software giant showcases during its Search On event in September. The newly introduced updates in Maps include the ability to search your surroundings with your phone’s camera. Below are the details:

Search with live view

This feature allows users to find information about places around them and spot places that are not in their immediate view, all by using the phone camera. The live view feature also tells the users in what direction and how far the place is. Besides, it provides key information like whether a business is open, how busy it is, the price range, and its star rating.

Beginning next week, the search with live view will start rolling out in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo on Android and iOS devices.

Find charging station for your electric vehicle

Earlier, Google Maps used to find charging stations near the user and help them by providing real-time information about chargers. But now, Google has added filters to searches for electric vehicle charge stations that make it easier to find fast chargers. Search for “EV charging stations” and select the “fast charge” filter – users can find stations with chargers 50kW or higher.

Users can also add another filter based on their EV’s plug type, to filter out stations that are compatible with their EV. Both features are now live on Android and iOS devices in countries where EV charging stations are available.

Find wheelchair accessible places around the world

Google’s ability to search for a wheelchair accessible place is now available worldwide. This feature was launched in 2020, but in selected countries.

By turning on the “Accessible Places” setting in the Google Maps app, users can see a wheelchair icon on the business profile if it has a wheelchair accessible entrance. The same icon will appear with a strikethrough if it’s a wheelchair non-accessible place. Users can also find out if the place has accessible seating, restrooms and parking.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz