Google lifts search, download experience on mobile with new Chrome features

To enhance mobile user’s search experience, tech giant Google periodically comes up with new features and updates. On Wednesday, Google announced new features and updates for the Chrome mobile browser. The new updates provide related content, highlight trending topics, and expand search suggestions. Below are the details:

Search suggestions

Chrome on iOS and Android platforms now provides search suggestions relevant to the webpage a user is viewing. The feature offers a new “Related to this page” section that gives more search options for the content users browse.

Trending Google searches

Users will now be able to see trending Google searches directly in the Chrome address bar. To use this feature, the user can open a new tab, tap the address bar, and scroll down to see what’s currently popular. This feature is only available on Chrome for Android. It will be rolled out to iOS later in the year.

Touch to search

Chrome has also improved its “Touch to Search” feature on Android. This update will allow users to search for a word or phrase directly from the webpage. With the update, selecting a word would not only show the context menu but also a list of related searches at the bottom. Users can also get quick translations and helpful context about unfamiliar terms or places.

More suggestions

Chrome has expanded the number of suggestions when users begin typing in the address bar. iOS and Android users will now get 10 suggestions, instead of six. The most relevant suggestions will appear first.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz