Google in fresh difficulty as India reportedly orders ‘antitrust’ investigation more than Android intelligent TVs

Google Android for Smart TV: Google has landed in trouble in India. The social media giant has recently been reeling under anti-trust investigation in Europe, and a report in TechCrunch has now suggested that India might be carrying out its own investigation as well. The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has reportedly said that Google, which has a dominant position in the Smart TV segment due to its Android, has been abusing its power. The commission said that manufacturers of Smart TVs do not have any alternative to Android for making their products, and so, are left with no choice but to install Google’s apps.

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CCI mentioned that its prima facie opinion is that Google has made the pre-installation of its proprietary apps, Google Play Store in specific, conditional when signing the Android Compatibility Commitments or ACC for all Android-based devices that are manufactured, distributed or marketed by the companies. This has, thus, decreased the capacity as properly as the incentive of companies to create and sell devices that operate on option versions of the operating program. This, it mentioned, has snowballed into a restricted technical or scientific development associated to these goods.

Apart from this, the commission also noted that the ACC rendered other brands unable to manufacture or sell devices operating on rival Android OS, and this, thinking of the dominance that Google holds in the segment, leads to a denial of marketplace access to these developers that developed an option Android OS.

The Android Smart TVs sold in India have some ought to-have pre-installed apps, which CCI mentioned was an unfair situation imposed on companies of Smart TVs.

These elements get in touch with for a additional investigation into the working of Google in this segment, the commission has apparently mentioned.

Meanwhile, Google has denied indulging in any malpractice, asserting that it was of firm belief that its licensing practices in the segment had been in compliance with the law.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz