Google improves Gmail search, Chat with search labels, related results

Google has rolled out new Gmail and Chat features to improve search experience with labels and related results.

The tech giant has introduced three features for accurate and customized search suggestions and results — ‘Search suggestions’, ‘Gmail labels’ and ‘Related results’.

These features do not have an admin control, the company said in a blogpost.

With ‘Search suggestions’ users can see search-query as they type in the Chat search field based on their prior search history. Additionally, it help users to quickly recall important messages, files, and more on mobile.

The Search suggestions feature is available on Android devices and will roll out to iOS devices by the end of October.

‘Gmail labels’ allow users to search messages under a specific Gmail label in the app to give results only under that label. Additionally, users can refine label searches using search chips in the Gmail search bar.

The labels feature is available on Android and iOS devices.

‘Related results’Ais for Gmail search-queries that give no results, related results will be displayed to improve the overall search experience.

The result feature is only available on the web, the company said.

Meanwhile, recently, the company had announced that over 250 million monthly active devices were powered by Android Go, after the company declared the release of Android 13.



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