Google announces Android 12L for tablets and foldables; check new features and details

Google has announced the launch of Android 12L built for large screen devices including tablets and foldables. The new UI is said to be more refined, backed with some new tweaks across elements such as notifications, lock screen, overview, home screen among others. On the display screen sizes above 600dp, the notification space, lockscreen and other spaces will now use a two-column layout to make use of the screen’s extra space. These two column layouts will show more information and will be easy to use. The apps have also been optimised for Android tabs, foldables and ChromeOS devices.

Google the other day announced in its new blog post that the launch of Android 12L will be for large screen devices. The launch is expected to be released next year. The tech giant is working with OEM partners to bring the new update for users. The company has also confirmed that the Android 12L developer preview will first arrive on Lenovo Tab P12 Pro. The tech giant which currently focuses on tablets, foldables, and ChromeOS devices is later on planning to come up with Android Beta enrolments for Pixel devices as well.

Compared to the regular smartphones, the new Android 12L will make best use of the extra space to offer its users with new UI experience. Android 12L will also bring a new taskbar that will allow users to instantly switch to favourite apps apart from the two-column layout in notifications and lock screen. The split-screen mode is more discoverable with the new launch.

Google also added, “To make split-screen mode a better experience in Android 12 and later, we’re helping users by automatically enabling all apps to enter split screen mode, regardless whether the apps are resizable.”

Android 12L for tablets, foldables, and ChromeOS devices will also help apps look better by default. It will offer better letterboxing experiences for users. For manufacturers, Android 12L will offer customisable letterboxing to enable options for letterbox colours or treatments among others.

Apart from large screen features, Android 12L is also said to come with a handful of new APIs for developers. Google said, “We’ve been careful not to introduce any breaking changes for your apps, so we won’t require apps to target 12L to meet Google Play requirements.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz