Golden Tee: Tournament Edition is coming to Skillz Inc platform

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Skillz, the mobile gaming competition platform, is launching a new Golden Tee Golf game. Incredible Technologies’ Golden Tee: Tournament Edition is aiming to blend the franchise’s loyal player base with Skillz’s own user base of millions of competitive gamers. The new Golden Tee game is launching on November 7, on the third anniversary of Golden Tee Mobile.

The title is launching simultaneously on Apple and Android with some new options not available in Golden Tee Mobile. Gamers will be able to compete is nine-hole matches or spend some time in the Closest-to-the-Pin mode.

“Golden Tee has always been about competition,” said Incredible Technologies boss Adam Kramer, in a statement to GamesBeat. “We are thrilled to partner with Skillz to bring Golden Tee’s mobile experience and presence to an entirely new level.”

A whole generation of people out there now know all about Golden Tee. A few decades ago you couldn’t really walk into a bar, restaurant or youth center without seeing a Golden Tee machine. The arcade cabinet machines use a rolling ball as a controller, which registers eight directions of movement. The ability to fine-tune a golf shot made Golden Tee a crowd favorite. It’s bafflingly easy to turn a game between friends into a competition, since no two shots turn out the same.

Those trademark swing mechanics are back in Golden Tee: Tournament Edition. It also has a whole bunch of original, fantasy-themed courses. I think it’s gonna be a good time.

“Like we’ve seen on the arcade side, Golden Tee Mobile has its own growing community of incredibly passionate players,” said Golden Tee: Tournament Edition’s John Noble. “Our goal is to build a next chapter, and we believe the game will appeal to existing players, brand loyalists and a new audience.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz