Glüxkind unveils smart stroller Ella which uses AI for safer movement

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Glüxkind Technologies showed off its AI-based smart stroller Ella at the CES 2023 tech trade show in Las Vegas.

Vancouver, Canada-based Glüxkind Technologies created Ella to support new parents on their daily adventures, be more inclusive and enable families to spend quality time together. It’s another example of tech — and AI in particular — infiltrating everyday products that normally don’t have much tech. I have to say I never expected to see a baby stroller with AI.

Ella, Glüxkind’s AI stroller is designed and optimized for daily life, not the showroom. With Ella’s adaptive push and brake assistance, parents and caregivers alike can enjoy effortless walks regardless of terrain; uphill, downhill, and even when fully loaded with groceries and toys. All that stuff will be a walk in the park, the company said.

When the child is not inside the stroller because the baby needs a hug or a toddler wants to walk for a bit, parents can activate Ella’s intelligent hands free strolling. Glüxkind Ella’s advanced parent assist technology empowers parents to be present and focus on their kids without compromise or distracting multitasking, the company said.


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Ella can rock your baby by itself.

Glüxkind’s AI stroller offers baby soothing features like Rock-My-Baby mode to help the little ones stay asleep or built in white noise playback.

Glüxkind CEO Kevin Huang said in a statement, “With Glüxkind’s Ella, we aim to make parenting easier, starting with the key piece of parenting equipment, the baby stroller. At Glüxkind, we believe in empowering our families with safe, convenient, and seamless products.”

Huang added, “We want to embolden parents to explore and create their own paths on their parenting journey and be the best parents they can be.”

gluxkind 360 seat gif
Glüxkind’s Ella senses what’s around it.

Glüxkind is a Canadian baby technology startup founded in 2020 by Anne Hunger and Kevin Huang shortly after they became parents for the first time.

“We’ve put a lot of hard work into this product and are excited to get it into more customers’ hands in 2023. The development has been driven by our own experience as new parents,” said Hunger, chief product officer, in a statement. “Supporting the next generations of parents with an incredible product is what motivates us every day. Getting this recognition not only validates our effort but also enables us to reach more families who are looking for better products.”

The name Glüxkind is inspired by the German word Glückskind. “Glück” means lucky and “Kind” translates to child. The word Glückskind is especially common in fairytales. The startup wants parents to experience just as many magical moments with their little ones while they are out and about.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz