Gillette Gaming Alliance goes all-in on Fortnite for fifth year

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The Gillette Gaming Alliance (GGA) streaming team has been renewed for a fifth consecutive year. This program is the longest-standing gaming activation for the men’s personal care company.

Fortnite is the central focus of Gillette’s activations and the streamers selected. According to the brand, they chose Fortnite because of the game’s reach with consumers of all ages, its pop culture relevance and its wide variety of game modes.

Gillette is planning content that takes advantage of Fortnite’s custom maps. Last year, the company released Gillette Bed Battles. The custom map reached 526,000 unique players. This year, the GGA and Fortnite fans can explore two Gillette Face-off custom maps which feature competitive gameplay in a futuristic mine littered with Gillette products.

Introducing this year’s Gillette Gaming Alliance and the Gillette Face-off custom map

Additionally, the brand announced the return of the Gillette Cup — a streamer-oriented esports event. The event will feature members of the GGA on the Gillette Face-off map and will take place in 2023.

“We’ve had the greatest results and success with Fortnite. It’s a title that has stood the test of time, continues to reinvent itself and stays relevant with our target audiences,” explained Daniel Ordonez, Gillette global brand franchise leader in an email to GamesBeat.

Drafting the best squad

This year’s Gillette Gaming Alliance team will feature 13 streamers, up from 11 last year. Jolavanille (France), Juansguarnizo (Mexico) and Elded (Mexico) will return to the GGA. Newcomers TypicalGamer (North America), Mongraal (UK), Nikof (France), Papaplatte (Germany), Rumathra (Germany), Pizfn (Italy), Xiuder (Italy), Vicens (Spain), Agustin (Spain) and Nobru (Brazil) will also join the team.

Keeping with the competitive activations, many of the streamers are also involved with esports teams. These include pros, streamers and executives from:

  • FaZe Clan — Mongraal
  • Team Vitality — Nikof
  • Luminosity — Elded
  • Fluxo — Nobru
  • KOI — Juansguarnizo
  • FIVE Media Clan — Agustin
  • Morning Stars — Pizfn
  • Angry Titans — Rumathra

Individual — rather than team-wide — sponsorships are relatively rare in esports, especially when compared to traditional sports.

When picking members for the Gillette Gaming Alliance, the brand sought out streamers that represented its core value of positive masculinity.

“This is exactly the same vetting process we undertake with all our other athlete and influencer partners,” added Ordonez. “We recently introduced our social purpose commitment of ensuring every boy grows up with a positive role model. These streamers are undoubtedly role models for thousands — if not millions — of boys and young men.”

Gillette picked these eight countries because they have a strong affinity for both Fortnite and Gillette’s products. Live streaming viewership tends to be segmented by language. Gillette’s global approach will help maximize the GGA’s reach. Notably, Gillette has stopped featuring Russian streamers in the Gillette Gaming Alliance. Instead Gillette added streamers from Germany, Italy and Spain.

In addition to participating in the Gillette Cup, the streamers will also do activations for the brand on their own streams and with other members of the GGA. Gillette Gaming Alliance activations will run through June 2023.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz