Fully kicks off its latest site-wide sale with 20 percent off everything

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Fully is joining the growing list of retailers kicking off their Black Friday-adjacent sales. It’s having a site-wide sale this month, taking 20 percent off everything ranging from standing desks to office chairs. Fully makes some of our favorite standing desks and accessories, and any opportunity to save on these home office essentials is worth checking out. Whether you prefer a 30 x 24-inch desk topper made of bamboo or a custom desktop that doubles as a whiteboard, Fully’s work-from-home staples are worth the price. This 20 percent discount also applies to all builds, along with any accessories you’d like to order, which range from powered grommets to help keep your cables under control to a bottle opener hidden underneath your desktop.

While it isn’t quite as cool-looking as the Logitech MX Master 3, the MX Anywhere 3 has the benefit of an ambidextrous layout and retains the “Magspeed” scroll wheel featured in Logitech’s Master series of mice that uses an electromagnetic system for smooth and precise scrolling. The Anywhere 3 recharges via USB-C and can last for up to 70 days on a single charge. The 4,000DPI sensor means that it shouldn’t be anyone’s first choice for gaming, but the compact and comfortable design makes the mouse a great option for getting work done at your desk or away.

If you need a budget-friendly microphone, Razer’s last-gen Seiren X is currently on sale at Amazon and Walmart for $69 ($31 off). While Razer has since released the Seiren V2 X, which features a slightly higher bit rate, the original Seiren X is still a solid (and now, discounted) option if the built-in mic on your gaming headset just isn’t cutting it. The Seiren X is a condenser mic with a supercardioid pickup pattern, meaning it picks up more sound from the front than the back (perfect for podcasting or just chatting with friends). While its packaged stand is solid, it’s also compatible with a variety of third-party boom arms and mounts.

The Huntsman Elite was Razer’s first keyboard to use optical switches instead of the more standard mechanical models. In addition to offering a faster response than mechanical switches, optical switches are powered by lasers, which is pretty dope. Some other selling points of the Huntsman Elite include an RGB-enabled wrist rest and PBT keycaps that do a better job resisting fingerprints and other visible wear than the more common ABS keycaps.

Walmart is still discounting the 256GB Wi-Fi configuration of the 2020 Apple iPad Air to its lowest price ever, making it, in our opinion, a superior option to the more expensive 2022 model of the standard iPad. While the 64GB configuration is sadly no longer available, you can still find the 256GB version discounted to $499 from $749.99. You won’t find Apple’s M1 processor in this iteration of the iPad Air, but the A14 Bionic CPU is still capable of handling most of the apps in the App Store ecosystem with ease. Read our review.

The 2020 iPad Air features the same processor as the 2022 standard iPad, has a better display, and includes more extensive compatibility with Apple accessories. Overall, the 2020 Air is the better investment.

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