From new layouts to guided meditation workout routines, Microsoft Teams, Viva get updates for hybrid work mode

Microsoft Teams: Microsoft is bringing an update to its video conferencing remedy Teams aimed at creating hybrid work meetings more seamless. Teams meetings and Microsoft Teams Rooms are each getting updated, and Teams Rooms will get Front Row, the name that Redmond has offered to an immersive new layout for the meetings. With this, the aim is to make the interaction more all-natural and to make the connection amongst in-space and remote members stronger. In Front Row, the video gallery would be placed at the bottom of the screen so that the remote participants are at face-level of the in-space participants – considerably like what would come about for the duration of a physical, non-hybrid meeting.

Not only that, but below this layout, Microsoft has decided to surround the key content of the meeting with other details associated to the meeting, be it the agenda of the conference, or the notes, whilst also clearly displaying the meeting chat. New video layouts are also getting brought in for when no content is getting shared for the duration of the meeting, and this fall, Teams is also set to get the potential to pin many video streams. The features of Front Row are set to be rolled out more than the year.

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Microsoft has also partnered with Jabra, Logitech, Poly and Neat, which is the newest companion tech giant has for Teams-associated devices, are going to assist Redmond provide a clearer view of just about every in-space participant for the duration of the meeting to assist the remote participants get a much better video stream. Not only that, but the intelligent speakers of Teams would now also use the voice recognition technologies of the tech giant to determine who amongst the in-space participants is speaking so that their name can be applied to the meeting transcript.

The enterprise has also decided to integrate into Teams its Viva, which is Microsoft’s integrated employee encounter platform.

Moreover, by the finish of the month, Redmond would add a couple of guided meditation workout routines to Viva, for which it has collaborated with Headspace. With this, the enterprise hopes that personnel would be capable to unwind anytime they are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, or when they have to have to unwind following the day’s work.

It is also adding a focus mode to Viva, so that for the duration of the scheduled day-to-day focus time of the employee, timers and focus music can assist the worker whilst also delivering planned breaks in amongst. This year itself, Viva would also be capable to provide customers with the selection of configuring quiet time, for the duration of which Outlook and Teams notifications would be silenced.

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