Fireline Games announces Fueled Up, an Overcooked-style sci-fi game

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Fireline Games, a Polish game development studio, announced its new title: Fueled Up, a couch co-op title about salvaging in space. The four-person Polish development studio plans to launch the game this year.

If you’ve ever played Overcooked, you should get a familiar vibe from the announcement trailer. The player characters — one of whom can apparently look like a banana — run around a rapidly deteriorating spaceship attempting to salvage it. They must basically keep the ship together long enough for it to reach safe harbor, and face various perils such as a malfunctioning airlock. There’s also apparently a space octopus opposing you in some way.

While the company emphasizes the couch co-op play, the game also supports online co-op. It can also be played solo, though half of the fun appears to be in the frenetic play with other people.

Fueled Up doesn’t have a release date yet, but the developers are aiming for a 2022 launch. The game will launch on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz