FaZe Clan and Porsche rev up multi-year partnership

Esports and lifestyle brand FaZe Clan has announced a multi-year partnership with luxury auto maker Porsche. In 2023, the deal will focus on original content, esports initiatives, physical products and Web3-focused digital goods.

Porsche is no stranger to esports. The auto manufacturer has been working with Microsoft’s Forza series since 2017 and with iRacing since late 2018 on various esports projects. Porsche also formed its own esports team in 2020 and yesterday, it announced a long-term partnership with Coanda Esports.

However, Porsche’s activities have largely focused on racing games. The auto brand’s partnership with FaZe will be a major step towards reaching the broader gaming audience.

“FaZe’s leadership at the intersection of gaming and youth culture, combined with our deep understanding of today’s creators, presents an ideal opportunity for Porsche to reach the next generation and connect with our worldwide fan network,” said Lee Trink, CEO at FaZe Clan. “We’re thrilled to partner with a modern luxury brand like Porsche, who like FaZe Clan pushes boundaries to expand its audience, while also consistently placing the importance of community and innovation first.”

Notably, UTA brokered the deal between Porsche and FaZe Clan. The agency has represented FaZe since February 2021.

The partnership will kick off with an original content series that will feature several of FaZe Clan’s members. The series will emphasize the importance of dreaming big, underscoring the aspirational lifestyle of both brands. Through 2023, Porsche will also sponsor all of FaZe’s esports teams. Down the road, the brands plan to collaborate on Web3-focused collectibles and experiences in addition to physical merchandise.

While FaZe’s stock has seen better days — restrictions on selling stock post-SPAC merger expired on January 16 — this deal will go a long way in showing FaZe’s ability to secure additional sponsorships.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz