Facebook working on tools to ‘nudge’ teenagers away from dangerous content on Instagram

Instagram: Teenagers are increasingly becoming addicted to Facebook-owned Instagram, which is a cause for concern since some of the content on the app is harmful. However, now, a Facebook executive has said that the social media giant is working on introducing measures that would try to “nudge” teenagers away from such harmful content. The development has come at a time when the US is looking at the ways in which social media platforms like Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram affect the mental health of youngsters. The development was revealed by Facebook’s international affairs VP Nick Clegg, who also seemed open to the thought of regulators hunting at algorithms that amplify content on Facebook.

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Clegg’s interview has come days immediately after Facebook whistleblower and former employee Frances Haugen testified that the tech giant enticed customers to continue scrolling which harmed the well-being of teenagers.

Clegg in his statement mentioned that Facebook was going to introduce measures that the enterprise believes would make a lot of distinction. As per these measures, anytime Facebook’s method sees irrespective of whether a teenager has been hunting at the exact same content repeatedly, and in case such a content is not conducive to the well-being of the teenager, they will be “nudged” to look at other content.

Apart from this, the social media giant is also hunting to introduce anything that they have termed “Take a Break”, which would urge teenagers to take a break from applying Instagram.

Not a lot of specifics are identified as of now about these new measures that are becoming worked upon, and as a result, it is not however clear if these measures would be implemented only on Instagram, on Facebook or each. However, with Instagram being the new preferred social media platform of option amongst teenagers, who are not as into Facebook as individuals had been seven to eight years ago, implementing these measures on Instagram would be more vital than on Facebook. A lot of content that is becoming posted on social media is bordering on becoming unsuitable for children, and sadly, most of the time, the content reporting feature on Facebook or Instagram does not assistance in removing this content. Some of the content that is posted is overly gory, violent or even sexually explicit, and it is a location exactly where parents can not absolutely quit their kid from acquiring influenced by content that may possibly not be the healthiest.

While Facebook is attempting to assure that these methods would be taken to assistance teenagers, it is not clear when these measures would be implemented or even how helpful they would be. Facebook has for years been attempting to pacify customers with a ‘trust us’ narrative, attempting to assure that they would bring measures that would repair the problems that they have made in the initial location, but the platform has however to successfully provide on any of these promises.

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