Facebook and Messenger take a hint from Discord for new Community Chats

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A Facebook Group called “Women Who Surf” has multiple new Community Chats for instant engagement with its members. | Image: Meta

Facebook is expanding access to a feature that allows group organizers to create curated live Messenger chat groups. It’s called Community Chats, and it’ll allow you to browse chats organized by announcements, topics, events, and more to connect with group members beyond just feed posts and comments.

Previewed earlier this year as “Community chat channels” in a larger Discord-like rethinking of Facebook Groups and Messenger group chats, the new Community Chats also resemble a casual version of workplace community platforms like Slack, Teams, and Zoom’s upcoming Team Chat. Finding inspiration in other apps is nothing new for Meta, even though progress on challenging TikTok with similar features in Instagram Reels has been unsteady.


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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz