Ernst & Young will prepare clients for the metaverse and Web3 with virtual experiences

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The metaverse is clearly going corporate. Ernst & Young said it will provide EY wavespace experiences in the metaverse to help clients prepare for Web3 and the metaverse.

EY wavespace is a global network that gives clients the ability to bring teams together wherever they are based. Ernst & Young will expand the network’s capability to help clients co-innovate and rapidly help address business challenges.

Ernst & Young’s U.S. operation has also established a metaverse lab where technologists build customized metaverse environments for various use cases.

Together, EY wavespace and the EY metaverse lab are guiding clients through immersive digital experiences to help them anticipate new business models and shift to a decentralized economy arising out of Web3-based applications and platforms. EY typically does this during big tech transitions, and this move means that it sees the potential of Web3 and the metaverse to transform business.

With its capabilities in blockchain — which it said is one of the foundational features of the internet’s future — and these metaverse capabilities, EY teams are advising clients how to execute robust strategies that are inclusive of new business models, technology interoperability, new transaction platforms, enhanced customer and community experiences, and risk mitigation — including tax, legal and regulatory

“The EY organization operates at the intersection of business and technology,” said Jay Nibbe, EY global vice chair for markets, in a statement. “EY teams are committed to helping businesses understand what the metaverse means for them and how to strategically adapt new business models for the transition to a decentralized economy.”

Ernst & Young is supporting clients with Web3 tech.

EY wavespace brings together business, design and technology, helping companies support transformation, drive innovation and create measurable outcomes. In short, EY wavespace supports clients to reach better answers, faster. Clients can leverage EY wavespace experiences in their preferred dimension — whether in person, virtual, hybrid or now in the metaverse — to orchestrate the ecosystem of EY capabilities and assets to create business value through person-to-person connections and deeper collaborations.

The metaverse capabilities allow clients to make rapid transitions from imagination to reality, clarify their appetite for risk versus reward, and begin building the infrastructure that will help support their pursuits in new and evolving digital environments.

In EY wavespace, experiences shared in the metaverse allow clients to put themselves in their customers’ shoes, expand their thinking with fresh insights at virtual tradeshows, and even create working prototypes of the future they envision.

EY metaverse lab

EYverse 2
Ernst & Young is introducing clients to Web3 and the metaverse.

The team of leading-class technologists at the EY metaverse lab have skills in niche and high-demand areas like 3D design, web animation, game development, art direction and human experience design.

These creative technologists integrate these skills with deep knowledge and experience in artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) and digital-twin robotics to create extended reality environments that can meet the social and business needs of any industry or sector worldwide.

Solutions designed in the EY metaverse lab include capabilities across all platforms — the web, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) — and are customized per industry and client.

Solutions for industrial clients, for example, include capabilities such as virtual supply chains and smart factories. With this industry-leading experience, EY teams are helping clients to de-risk their technology investments and get ahead of their competition.

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