Emergent Games launches ARG prologue for web3 MMO Resurgence

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Emergent Games has launched ARG title The End, the first chapter of a multi-part initiative leading up to the launch of its web3 triple-A MMO, Resurgence.

According to Emergent, The End is a puzzle game that hides ciphers in the real world. Players pool their solving skills in the Resurgence Discord server. Future chapters will follow the story of the unfolding climate-based apocalypse, culminating in Resurgence, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world.

Emergent CCO Russ Harding told GamesBeat in an interview, “The End gives players access to the first part of the game’s world-building phase — an interactive ‘story living’ experience that introduces the setting, key characters, and politics that build the game’s intriguing world.” He added, “The End is set in the near future when the climate crisis has gone past the point of no return. It’s an opportunity to see crises unfold and how humanity deals with that. Essentially, it’s the journey of how we get to the world of Resurgence.”

Resurgence will have an optional NFT element, with a limited number of those NFTs being offered to players of The End. Harding said of the NFTs, “NFTs have a utility within and are intrinsic to the game, enabling players to build and create things that are uniquely theirs, utilising the tools and mechanics in game, such as crafting and other in-game features. The NFTs can become items that the community really value and players can trade, hold or sell if they so choose … .”

But for those not enthused about NFTs, Harding says Resurgence has a place for them as well: “However, going back to our founding philosophy of game first, the key thing is that as a player you will be able to enjoy Resurgence without ever having to purchase or create any NFT. In fact, we fully expect some of our players to never own a Resurgence NFT — the important thing is that the choice is for the player to make and it will never be forced upon them.”

Resurgence Roadmap

After The End, Emergent will launch Revelation, a “hacker sim,” followed by Priority One, a first-person survival horror game sometime in 2023. Later in 2024, it’ll launch The Thaw, a multiplayer survival game, which transitions into Resurgence proper, with the first MMO content called “The Infernal Frontier.” The developer’s timeline shows this series going well into 2025.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz