Elon Musk announces tweaks in Twitter interface, long-form tweets from Feb

Twitter’s interface is in for a big revamp, announced platform’s CEO Elon Musk on Sunday. The micro-blogging platform will also be rolling out the “long-form” text feature in February this year.

In a tweet, Musk listed the changes that will soon be introduced to Twitter’s user interface and said they are the “first part of a much larger UI overhaul”

“Easy swipe right/left to move between recommended vs followed tweets rolls out later this week. The first part of a much larger UI overhaul. Bookmark button (de facto silent like) on Tweet details rolls out a week later. Long form tweets early Feb,” Musk’s tweet read.

According to reports earlier this week, Twitter is also bringing a much sought-after feature that will help users find specific tweets and profiles by filtering based on date, user, retweet count, hashtags and more.

“Twitter’s advanced search filters for smartphone and iOS users are coming soon,” Social media analyst Matt Navarra, tweeted on Thursday.

“You can also use Twitter Advanced Search on iOS to search another user’s profile,” he posted. As he mentioned, the new search feature will arrive first on iPhones.

Musk had complained about Twitter’s search feature within a week of taking control of the micro-blogging platform. “Fixing search is a high priority,” he had tweeted on November 6 last year. “Search within Twitter reminds me of Infoseek in a98! That will also get a lot better pronto,” Musk had added.

Musk, in November last year, also announced that Twitter will soon allow users to post long-form text in their tweets, which will have a character limit of 280. “Twitter will soon add the ability to attach long-form text to tweets, ending the absurdity of notepad screenshots,” the Twitter CEO had said in November 2022.

These changes announced in the absurdity the platform’s user interface are the latest in a series of tweaks since Musk took over Twitter in a $44 billion deal.

Long-form tweets have been a much-debated issue ever since Musk mentioned the change. Several users have demanded the feature, while others warned that the micro-blogging platform will cease to be unique if long-form posts are allowed.

Those opposing the move have also argued that users have been using the “Twitter thread” as an easy option to post in detail and that the removal of the cap on characters is unnecessary.

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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz