EA and Velan Studios announce Knockout City for next-gen consoles

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Electronic Arts and Velan Studios today announced that their multiplayer action title, Knockout City, will be coming to next-gen consoles in November. The next-gen upgrade will be free.

The game will launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S with both Performance and Quality graphical settings. The Quality option for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is Native 4K at 60fps. Performance is 1440p (upscaled to 4K) at 120fps and 1620p (upscaled to 4K) at 120fps, respectively. For Xbox Series S users, the options are 1440p at 60fps or 1080p at 120fps.

Developer Velan Studios has also upgraded the game’s textures and lighting on next-gen consoles. These include “new area lights, ball lights, particle lights, improved global illumination, and local light shadows.”

The upgrade will be free to all previous-gen players who have already bought or downloaded the game, even through Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus. Knockout City: Season 2 launched earlier this year.


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Sony also announced earlier today that Knockout City would be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers on both the PS5 and PS4. Other offerings include First Class Trouble and Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz